Sasol Mining Longwall Mining Feasibility Study

Mindset completed a feasibility study for Sasol Mining on the possible implementation of longwall mining in two resource blocks in the Secunda area of Mpumalanga. The study focussed on first confirming the geological and geotechnical compatibility of the target areas for longwall mining.

Following confirmation of the suitability of the resource blocks for this mining method, Mindset investigated various longwall mining scenarios that Sasol Mining could implement. Mindset specifically looked at the most optimal length of the mining panels, the number of moves between panels, the expected tonnages Sasol Mining could anticipate, and subsequently, the projected life of the longwall mine.

Additionally, Mindset provided Sasol Mining with an extensive list of the mining equipment it would require to conduct the longwall mining, as well as the costs associated with purchasing that equipment.

Mindset also provided a recommendation on the staffing that the longwall would require, as longwall mining would need specialised staffed, trained specifically on the technology used for this mining method.

Project Details


May 2020


Sasol Mining


Longwall Mining Feasibility Study


Feasibility Study